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This data is collected from all available information from paint manufacturers and suppliers. I have requested the cooperation of the paint manufacturers to give me permission to add their names to the information. In the interim, I will give you all of the pigment information I have without the specific manufacturers who use them.

My goal is to dispel all of the confusion surrounding artists' colors. The naming of colors is not specific enough to inform the artist as to what exactly is in the tube. I hope to create a useful source list from this data. The update, which is already being planned, will include many more raw pigments.

This contains data about wet media only as that is my personal area of interest. [I have limited data about dry media other than dry pigments themselves which I would be glad to supply upon request. I can usually point you to the manufacturer directly.]

The table is organized as follows:
COLUMN 1:  Code number that I have assigned so as to know which manufacturer listed the color. As I am able to reveal the manufacturers' names, I will replace that number.
COLUMN 2:  Type of paint
D = Dry Pigment
Aa = Artists' Grade Acrylic Color
As = Student Grade Acrylic Color
Oa = Artists' Grade Oil Color
Os = Student Grade Oil Color
ALK = Alkyd Color
AG = Acrylic-based Gouache
AW = Acrylic Watercolor
C = Casein
      E = Egg Tempera
Ga = Artists' Grade Gouache
Gs = Student Grade Gouache
Owa = Water Soluble Oil-Artists Grade
Ows = Water Soluble Oil-Student Grade
Wa = Artists' Grade Watercolor
Ws = Student Grade Watercolor
WO = Opaque Watercolor
V = Vinyl based
COLUMN 3:  Color name as given by the manufacturer
COLUMN 4:  Chemical Composition
COLUMN 5:  Color Index Name - The Society of Dyers and Colorists and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists have assigned universally identifiable index names and numbers in order to classify specific pigments.
COLUMN 6:  Color Index Number - Additional information about the Color Index name.
COLUMN 7:  Permanence / Lightfastness - This column refers to the color's permanence or fade resistance when exposed to light. Different manufacturers use different symbols but they have approximately the same conclusion.
*****   Best Light Resistance
AA, ****, I, 1   Great Permanence
A, ***, II, 2   Reliable Permanence
B, **, III, 3   Durable
O   Poor
C, *, IV, F, o   Fugitive
NR, NP   Unpublished
COLUMN 8:  Opacity - This column refers to the opacity of the color. Again, different manufacturers use different coding methods.
OS   Opaque Strong
O, o   Opaque
SO   Semi Opaque
SC   Semi-Covering
S/O, S   Somewhat Opaque, semi-opaque
VT   Very Transparent
T, t, TP, T, TR   Transparent
S/T, s   Somewhat Transparent, Semi Transparent
ST, S   Semi Transparent
ST   Transparent / Staining
StT   Strong Transparent
TVS   Transparent Very Strong
TL   Translucent
STA   Staining
SED   Sedentary
NT   Not Tested
1 through 8   Most Opaque through Most Transparent

The table has over 7300 rows, and has been divided into ten pages. Each page is over 150K and may take some time to load into your browser, so please be patient.
      Page 1 of 10: Acanthus Green - Burnt Sienna
Page 2 of 10: Burnt Sienna - Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Page 3 of 10: Cadmium Yellow Lemon - Cobalt Green
Page 4 of 10: Cobalt Green - Green Earth
Page 5 of 10: Green Earth - Light Red
      Page 6 of 10: Light Red - Orange Oxide
Page 7 of 10: Orange Oxide - Phthalocyanine Green
Page 8 of 10: Phthalocyanine Green - Red Violet
Page 9 of 10: Red Violet - Ultramarine Blue
Page 10 of 10: Ultramarine Blue - Zinc Yellow Permanent
The original pigment listing rows alternate either tan or white like this:
2221AaACRA GoldQuinacridone OrangeB-49N.A.TLI
2222AaACRA RedQuinacridone RedPR-20973902TPI

Pigments that were updated after September 1999 look like this:
4954OaAlizarin Blue Lake (Sennelier)Copper PhthalocyaninePB15 ***T

Pigments that were added after September 1999 look like this:
7303WaCerulean Blue Hue (Sakura)Copper Phthalocyanine, Titanium DioxidePB15, PW674160, 77891*** 

Pigments that were deleted after September 1999 look like this:
4954OaAlizarin Blue Lake (Sennelier)Copper PhthalocyaninePB15 ***T

The Table, page 1 of 10.

Code   Type  Color Name Chemical Composition Color Index
Color Index
1359AaAcanthus GreenAnhydrous Chromium Sesquioxide 77288****    
6939OsAcqua Blue   III 
2930AsBurnt SiennaBurnt Sienna, Mars RedPBr-7, PR-101 ***O
3323AsBurnt Sienna PBr7 IST


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