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My formal art education began in the 9th grade. My art teacher, Dan Christoffel is still inspiring students today as a high school art teacher. Recently, the Bellmore Memorial Library sponsored an exhibition for his students, past and present. When I saw the "call for artists" in the library newsletter, I could not resist the opportunity to join an exhibition honoring the teacher who gave me my first push into the exploration of my art as it exists today.

In fact, the work I do today began in that 9th grade class is illustrated:

Black White  1973

1973 20 x 20 Ink on Illustration Board
Click on the image for a larger view.
16m 1976

1976 36 x 36 Acrylic on canvas
Click on the image for a larger view.

I majored in art in High School. It was, for me, the only way to go. I began my college art training at S.U.N.Y., New Paltz in upstate New York and completed a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing in 1982 at the Philadelphia College of Art.

108 1982

1982 36 x 48 Acrylic on canvas
Click on the image for a larger view.
I returned from Philadelphia and worked at an art supply store. There, I learned more than any art school could teach about materials for artists, the choices, qualities, and options. I gained an appreciation for the best materials and how to find them. In the link to Pigments old and new I will share with you what I have learned.

In 1985, I decided to continue my art training. I needed a dose of full out studio time and concentration. I received a M. F. A. from Pratt Institute in Painting and Art History in 1988. There, I fine tuned my technique, learned how to talk about my work and knew once and for all, that art was my best form of communication.

My paintings speak from my heart; they are a language of passion, truth, and the wonder of living with an active consciousness. They speak for my brain that needs to tell you how I see the world. My paintings are not affected by the whim or mood of the day but by the act of living in a world full of changes moment by moment. They are an awareness of the life spent on the Earth and the energy of the life force.

If they are about love, they are about the nature of loving.

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